Vingroup Big Data Institute

Vingroup Big Data Institute (VinBDI) was established by Vingroup in August 2018 aiming to conduct research on important areas of big data. The institute promotes basic research as well as investigate novel and highly-applicable technologies which can be directly utilized.

Another focus of the institute is training a new class of highly-qualified, active and independent scholars through internal programs and collaborative projects with leading domestic and foreign universities.

Organizational structure

The Big Data Institute (VinBDI) has a team of scientists, technology experts, managers, advisory board members, visiting professors, engineers and the institute's administrative staffs. The organizational structure of VinBDI consists of 2 main parts, which are Research, Development and Innovation Foundation.

Van Ha Vu

Scientific director: Van Ha Vu
(Prof, Yale University, USA)

TS. Đào Đức Minh

Managing Director: Minh Duc Dao
(PhD, Johns Hopkins University, USA)

PGS. Phan Thị Hà Dương

Managing Director VINIF: Ha Duong Phan Thi
(PhD, Paris Diderot University, France)


Lê Đức Hậu Operation: Duc-Hau Le
(Associate Professor, Thuyloi University, Vietnam - PhD, University of Ulsan, Republic of Korea)

Computational Biomedicine

Department of Computational Biomedicine aims to develop/apply computational methods to process and analyze high-throughput biomedical data in order to improve the screen, diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases

Operation: Duc-Hau Le
Nguyễn Quý Hà Operation: Ha Q. Nguyen

Medical Imaging

Research and development of Artificial Intelligence applications in medical imaging for assisting doctors in diagnosis and treatment.

Operation: Ha Q. Nguyen
Minh Duc Dao Operation: Minh Duc Dao
(PhD, Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Computer Vision

In the Computer Vision group, we focus on collecting, processing, and analyzing data from images and videos. We investigate and leverage data-driven machine learning-based approaches to address practical and urgent societal problems.

Operation: Minh Duc Dao
Anh Kim Nguyen Operation: Anh Kim Nguyen
(PhD, University of Stuttgart, Germany)

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a research area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in VINBDI. NLP aims to provide computer with abilities of listening, understanding and speaking natural languages of humans via text and speech.

Operation: Anh Kim Nguyen
Ha Duong Phan Thi Managing Director: Ha Duong Phan Thi
(PhD, Paris Diderot University, France)

Vingroup Innovation Foundation – VINIF

Supporting organizations and individuals to conduct scientific research, technology and innovation in order to create positive and sustainable changes for Vietnam

Managing Director: Ha Duong Phan Thi

Office Administration

Nguyễn Thị Trà Mi
Nguyen Thi Tra Mi
(Director Secretary)
Dương Thu Vân
Duong Thu Van
(Project Manager)